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Forwarding Services

The main goal in the provision of forwarding services is to reduce costs arising during the execution of the delivery / dispatch of goods, as well as reduce the volume of operations required in this case from the customer. For optimization and efficiency in the provision of logistics services, leading transport companies have reached a high level in the development of this industry.

Our company’s specialists built a well-coordinated coordination and regulation system to streamline the time-consuming and numerous operations that are required in terms of transport logistics.

The advantage of our company is professionalism in organizing freight forwarding, highly qualified operational work of our team, skillful, streamlined and clear development of logistics schemes to meet all customer requirements.

We will always be happy to answer all your questions and provide high-quality, qualified assistance in the provision of forwarding services and logistics operations. In order to avoid unjustified expenses, idle mileage of equipment, as well as much as possible to satisfy the requirements for each specific supply, please contact our specialist for freight forwarding services


The list of freight forwarding services that our company provides includes:

• Development of a route for transportation of goods during transportation by one or more means of transport;

• Conclusion of contracts with other forwarders and participants in the transportation process for chartering sea and river vessels, aircraft, wagons, containers and cars;

• Registration of transport documents for the delivery of goods;

• Payment of transportation tariffs and other fees and charges;

• Cargo insurance;

• Informing shippers about the movement of goods, search for goods in case of loss;

• Obtaining permits and paperwork for the transport of dangerous, bulky and heavy cargo;

• Other services related to the implementation of transportation and optimization of logistics, on behalf of the Client.



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